Alpaca Baby Swaddle
Alpaca Baby Swaddle Alpaca Baby Swaddle Alpaca Baby Swaddle Alpaca Baby Swaddle

Alpaca Baby Swaddle

Brand: RubeyLiza
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The word swaddle is derived from the 13th century Middle English word ‘swathlen’ which means ‘to bind with strips of cloth’.

Swaddling involves wrapping baby securely in a blanket so that only their head is peeking out, with the rest of their body snug inside the blanket -– a cute tiny baby burrito

Featured here is an Alpaca/Llama Swaddle - - surround your baby in the colourful swaddle for cosiness.  Cotton Blend 80cm x 80 cm swaddle with matching headband


“Finally Pavarotti appeared on the stage, what was he wearing, yes he was swaddled in layers of clothes.”

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