Alpaca Beanies

The cloth covered button on the crown is about the size of a bean seed and may be the origin of the term "beanie".   Some academics believe that the term is instead derived from a type of headgear worn in some medieval universities.

The urban dictionary, the source of many a defination to broaden your vocabulary defines said garment as .... "a beanie is usually woollen and it is worn by skaters and people who are cold"


Fredercik:  I’m Freezing!!
Angelina:  Of course you are, you forgot your beanie!



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Woolen "Frog" Kids Beanie
A fun beanie for younger kids suits up to about 6 years of age These are knitted from wool, with ..
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Woolen "Koala" Kids Beanie
Novelty beanie, for the young and young at heart.   Come in in natural colours only, made..
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