Alpaca Beanies

The cloth covered button on the crown is about the size of a bean seed and may be the origin of the term "beanie".   Some academics believe that the term is instead derived from a type of headgear worn in some medieval universities.

The urban dictionary, the source of many a defination to broaden your vocabulary defines said garment as .... "a beanie is usually woollen and it is worn by skaters and people who are cold"


Fredercik:  I’m Freezing!!
Angelina:  Of course you are, you forgot your beanie!



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ALPACA - "Alpaca" Kids Beanies.  Daisy Rose Collection
Locally made - Daisy Rose Collection -  100% Australian Homegrown alpaca 8ply Yarn Availabl..
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$30.00 Ex Tax: $27.27
Alpaca Baseball Caps - 3 Colour Options  Red, Black
Need to keep the sun off you face? Look no further than this 100% Cotton Alpaca Baseball Cap A..
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$12.50 Ex Tax: $11.36
Storybook Alpaca Hand-Knitted Beanies
Handknitted by Louise - exclusively for Storybook Alpacas.  Soft, luxury, warmth - ALPACA 10..
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$30.00 Ex Tax: $27.27