About Us

“Once upon a time” is a catchphrase that, according to the Oxford Dictionary, has been used as the opening lines for storytelling since the 1380s. These tales to end with “they all lived happily ever after” – and Storybook Alpacas is such a story.

Our initial involvement with Alpacas commenced in 2003 when our daughter was but 3 years of age – height wise, cria size. Rubey’s first childhood recollections are walking amongst alpacas in the paddocks and holding pens and truth be told her recollections of life have always included these magical animals.

For us, at Storybook Alpacas, our commitment is to the entirety of the Alpaca, the sustainability of Australian Agriculture, and to the passion for the development of genetically bred champions.

We have several Open Farm Days a year, are out and about at various country markets as well as the Sydney Royal, Canberra Royal and a great many regional shows.

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