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ALPACA: Remarkable, Unique, and Australian.

Up until the 1980s alpacas were only bred in their native homeland of South America. Now, the Australian alpaca industry reports some 2,000 registered breeders Australia wide, and numbers of alpacas estimated at 250,000 - 300,000 animals.

Alpacas are now a world-wide market with breeders not only in Australia but internationally enjoying the financial and lifestyle choices that this animal brings.

Alpacas are truly special, magical beings.

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About Us

“Once upon a time” is a catchphrase that, according to the Oxford Dictionary, has been used as the opening lines for storytelling since the 1380s. These stories to end with “they all lived happily ever after” – and Storybook Alpacas is such a tale.


Once upon a time there was a family who shared a love and belief in the notion of Carpe Diem – Seize the Day – make your life extraordinary. This has lead them into a life of adventures (Martial Arts - Just for Kicks Taekwondo, Olives, Donkeys, Agritourism, Cafe ownership, retail sales and Co-operative farming. 

Our initial involvement with Alpacas commenced prior to our daughter's arrival - but gained momentum  in 2003 when she was but 3 years of age – height wise, cria size. Rubey’s first childhood recollections are walking amongst alpacas in the paddocks and holding pens at Coolaroo when we were selecting our preliminary herd.

Fast foward some twenty years and we are not only fortunate to reside at Coolaroo - but are now  Coolawarra-Storybook Alpacas - making us one of the largest studs in Australia.  We operate a fully commercial operation now with some 1200-1300 alpacas spread over 3 properties in the Highlands.  Alpacas have enriched our lives, provided opportunities and experiences that have surpassed our wildest expectations - indeed fullfilling our prophecy of Carpe Diem

For us, at Coolawarra - Storybook Alpacas, our commitment is to the entirety of the Alpaca, the sustainability of Australian Agriculture, and to the passion for the development of genetically bred champions.

Coolawarra-Storybook Alpacas are excited to be a part of this wonderful industry, now and happily ever after!

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Storybook Alpacas