Alpaca Gloves

A glove – a garment to cover the whole hand

Gloves are found etched in history from early Roman times  - gauntlet made of leather was worn to protect the hands of a soldier in combat.  In the  13th century gloves worn as fashion ornaments and in the 16th century gloves richly embroidered and jeweled were worn by Queen Elizabeth I.   Today, thoughts of the glove conjure up a multitude of uses – from sports, recreation to technology and special occasions – you name it there is likely a glove for it.

However, in the winter months - nothing says warmness like a glove - the chill of the air, the crispness of the breeze and your hands snug in natural fibre.

“Bartholomew was known to wear his natural fibre gloves whilst walking in the garden so as to avoid the brambles”



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Merino Wool Gloves - Ebony
These are 100% Merino Gloves/Mittens  - Ebony Knitted Ribbed cuffs Fingerless with pullove..
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