Alpaca Greeting Cards - Comical Camelid Standing

Alpaca Greeting Cards - Comical Camelid Standing

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A greeting card is an illustrated piece of card or high quality paper featuring an expression of friendship or other emotions. Typically a Greeting cards is supplied on special occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas et al – they can also be circulated to convey appreciation and other sentiments

The custom of the greeting card can be traced to the ancient Chinese who passed messages of goodwill to rejoice in the New Year.  In early Eqypt, Egyptians conveyed communications on papyrus rolls.


Today, with SMS and a variety of social platforms – get back to basics – SEND A CARD!  – and better yet – an Alpaca Card!


Designed by Storybook Alpacas - Alpaca Greeting Cards
Quality card, blank inside to add your own message, with matching C6 envelope inside a cellophane sleeve.

THIS CARD DESIGN:  "Comical Camelid Standing"

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