Australian Alpaca Brushed Throw Rugs & Wool Rugs

Classic Brushed Alpaca Throw Rugs - These are larger than our knee rugs
Size: 188cms x 128 cms

Our Brushed Throws like Knee Rugs are made from 100% Australian Alpaca pile.  They are come in either natural shades of alpaca or in beautifully coloured variations. Available as a solid colour or a variety of superb patterns or merles.

Our New Collection - The Brighton Collection - is 100% New Zealand Wool, produced/woven in Europe by Australian Designers.


The history of rugs/throws covers about the same time span as human history because people have been using rugs since the early days of mankind.

Animal hides, were  used for clothing, were used as rugs on the floor of a family’s hut or shelter. The hides were also used for sitting and sleeping surfaces and to provide warmth on a chilly night.

Often, a good rug or hide was a family’s most valuable possession - so true are these gorgeous Alpaca & Woolen Throw Rugs


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Brighton Collection - 100% Wool Throw Rug - Sage Striped
Our New 100% Wool - Natural Collection Size: 200cms x 140 cms This listing is for Sage..
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