Australian Alpaca Brushed Knee Rugs

Australian Alpaca Brushed Knee Rugs

Australian Brushed Alpaca Knee Rugs
Size: 128 cms x 108 cms

Our Brushed Throws and Knee Rugs are made from 100% Australian Alpaca pile, manufactured in New Zealand

They are come in either natural shades of alpaca or in beautifully coloured variations. Available as a solid colour or a variety of superb patterns or merles.

These Brushed Alpaca throws and knee rugs are soft, lightweight and warm.  The use in your home is limitless -- watching movies on the lounge, keeping cozy when you feel a little chilly, give them as a gift, drape them on your lounge, on your bed, decorate a guest room.

More creative options include use as an invisibility cloak, hide under during hide and seek, play peek-a-boo with your child, make a tent, wear like a dress, dress like a superhero or perhaps even carry the cat!

Whatever your style or use - they are a wonderful addition to your life.

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