Alpaca Jewellery


Items worn as ornaments – a way of decorating, to enhance and highlight an individual’s natural beauty and/or taste

History is filled with stories and treasures – in Ancient Rome jewellery was used to denote status.  In earlier times the peoples of Africa made jewellery from sea snail shells.  Kenyan’s found ostrich egg shells a great source for creating charms.  Russian history depicts the utilisation of stone and marble in bracelets.

What is it though is personal and unique.

Available in a range of great “Alpaca” items for personal use and delightful gift


Harry Winston, known throughout his life as "The King of Diamonds and Jeweler to the Stars"  - perhaps captures it the best with comments on the wearing of jewellery as ....

"People will stare, so make it worth their while"




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Sheep Brooch - Not Alpaca!
Great addition to your wardrobe, even though it is NOT alpaca - but another wonderful animal - the S..
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