Alpaca Ponchos

"The Poncho"

In its most uncomplicated form the poncho is principally a large sheet of fabric – and outer garment – worn to keep the body warm.  Historically, the poncho was one the typical clothes of the Paracas (Pre-Inca Culture around 500 B.C)

The Mexican Poncho site blogs many a celebrity, world leader and indeed the odd movie star on their 10 most famous poncho wearers list - - Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, Michael J Fox, George W Bush, Kim Kardashian to name drop a few.

The most famous perhaps of all Hollywood Classic Poncho Wearers is Clint Eastwood – as the lead in many a Spaghetti Western film produced by Sergio Leone.  He will be forever immortalised in a poncho as a distinct look to other “cowboys”.

Today, celebrate this incredible history with these Australian Alpaca/Wool Blend Ponchos – keep you warm and well – STYLISH !


“Badly in need of warmth, I fished out my beloved treasure - a comfort in times past , a hand knit from granny – my Poncho”


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Alpaca - 100% Baby Alpaca Ribbed Ponchos
Classic Style Ribbed Poncho 54 cm x 54 cm 100% Baby Alpaca   Available now o..
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